Hidaka Ken (bladed_siberian) wrote,
Hidaka Ken

voice/open action

-there's a quick flicker of static-

-h come on. There's no way we can hold him on something like that. Unless you want to babysit him all night, then slap him on the wrist and let him go-..... no, I'm not kidding. He's a minor offend-

Fucking jerk, too damn busy on your stupid phone to watch where th'hell you're going.

-the sound of Ken's footsteps drops away for a long moment-

Excuse me, asshole? Did you say something to me?

You deaf, too? Great, a deaf and blind cop. I said for you to watch where the fuck you're going.

-a soft burr of sound muffles anything else for a long few seconds, but the scream that breaks the through the soft noise is more than enough evidence that something has gone very wrong. As soon as the scream dies off, the sharp sound of broken laughter fills the microphone-

Try talking to me like that again, you piece of trash.

[ooc: Ken's off his rocker thanks to the plot mentioned community.livejournal.com/poly_tldr/1791983.html. Feel free to run into him, but be prepared for a nasty fight, as he really won't give a damn who he kills. ^^ Blue text is a npc slash fresh body in the street~]
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